You relax, fight against stress and ensure your well-being


Stress, tired, nervousness, noise, nothing beats a moment of rest and relaxation at Domain Jean Got.

In addition to the exceptional, natural and quiet and soothing, we offer with our partners care and modeling tailored to your desires. These services can be done directly inside the accommodation or why not on the banks of the stream, in the park in the sun or in the shade of a tree to fully enjoy nature and the estate.

Soins & Bien-être du Domaine Jean Got : Gite insolite à Saint-Émilion

Our cares

Pleasant sensation provided by the satisfaction of physical needs, the absence of worries.
Care provided by our female partners.
We will be happy to arrange the service for you.


Ayurvedic Abhyanga (1h)

Rebalance and harmonize the energies of body and mind. Gentle, tonic and rhythmic, soothes nervous tension. Hot oil massage.
- 70 € -

Balinese Urut Pijat (1h)

Tonic, powerful and draining at the same time. Aims to eliminate toxins. Improves the energy circulation. Provides muscular relaxation and harmonizes the body.
- 70 € -

Thai (1h)

Traditional Thai oil massage, deep work, leaning on the legs and back to eliminate toxins. Cleans the main meridians of the body.
- 70 € -

Reiki (1h)

Alternative therapy to resolve stress related stress. The rebalancing of the bodily energies creates a state favorable to the healing of your evils.
- 70 € -


The Californian (1h)

Muscle treatment and deep relaxation. Full body massage, sustained rhythm and deep relaxation phase follow one another.
- 70 € -

Face massage (30mn ou 1h)

Personalized massage, face, décolleté to untie cranial tensions.
- 40 ou 70 € -

Targeted massage (30mn ou 1h)

Face, back, legs, neck, according to your request.
- 40 ou 70 € -

Massage of choice (1h) + body scrub (30 mn)

Body scrub with Monoi and Tahitian sand.
- 105 € -


Tailor-made (rates for 2 people)

Tailor-made massage that will meet your specific expectations and will end with a sound bath with koshis chimes in an enchanting setting between nature and the sound of the Fontadas stream.
- 1h : 140 € - - 1h30 : 210 € -


Foot Thai (1 h)

Relaxation of the feet at the knees. Alternate work with the stylus and accu-pressures with the thumbs. Stimulates the reflex zones.
- 70 € -

Plantar and/or facial reflexology (1 h)

Helps the body to find a balance. Improves the circulation of vital energy and allows rebalancing.
- 70 €-

Amma Assis (30 mn)

It is practiced on the clothes and on a massage chair. Brings muscle relaxation and immediate recovery. Skull, shoulders, back, arms.
- 40 € -

Hot stones (1h30)

Basalt stones. Instantly combines muscle relaxation and deep relaxation. Enveloping, relaxing gestures.
- 105 € -

Slimming - Detox (1h30)

A slimming treatment with a draining action to fight against the retention of water on the legs, thighs and ankles. Massage drainage targeted areas on demand.
- 105 € -

Relaxation therapy (1h)

Aurélie offers you an Optimistic and Positive Break, a moment of calm and serenity, during which with Sophrology, you will rediscover your breathing, relax, relax and evacuate tensions.
- 70 € -

Our cares in pictures

For any reservation of treatments, please contact us.