Internal regulations


We provide you with this quality private relaxation area. Its use requires some strict rules concerning the respect of the premises, hygiene and safety. These are common sense rules that will allow the following users to take as much pleasure as you in a clean and pleasant space.
Any breach of these rules may lead to a ban on access to the relaxation area without notice.


1- The wellness area is open from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm only on reservation and according to availability.
2- Access to and use of this relaxation area is strictly reserved for Domaine Jean Got clients. Any departure from this rule can only be made with the express agreement of the owners.
Access is forbidden to children under the age of 16, and to children under the age of 18 not accompanied by an adult. Minors are under the supervision and responsibility of their parents, the management declines all responsibility in case of accident.
3- The management reserves the right to close the relaxation area in case of force majeure: poor bacteriological quality of the water, closure for maintenance, non-compliance with hygiene and safety regulations.
4- The Well-Being Area is based on relaxation. We ask you to respect the calm and discretion required.
5- It is of course forbidden to eat and smoke in the wellness area.
6- In order to guarantee impeccable hygiene, it is compulsory to shower with soapy water and to rinse yourself well before entering the jacuzzi and the sauna. A wall-mounted dispenser of shampoo-body-hair gel (organic with 99% natural ingredients and aloe vera) is available.
7- Do not use towels from the accommodation. Towels and/or bathrobes are available in the wellness area.
8- It is forbidden to enter the premises with street shoes : leave your shoes under the bench at the entrance to the wellness area.
9- We ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the time of your appointment in order to respect the punctuality of the treatment sessions:
• As our capacity is limited, we strongly recommend that you book your treatments in advance
• If you are late, we will have to reduce the duration of your treatment by the time you are late.
• If you are unable to attend, we kindly ask you to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance


1- The SPA is designed for 1 to 4 people for sessions of 15 to 20 minutes maximum.
2- Access is forbidden to people with suspicious skin lesions. Bandages are not allowed.
3- It is not advisable to bathe with any valuable object. The management declines all responsibility in case of physical or material damage, loss, theft or alteration.
4- Cigarettes, chewing gum, food, drinks, radio and the use of soap in the SPA are not allowed.
5- BEWARE OF NOYDATING : the heat reinforces the effects of medication and alcohol and can make you lose consciousness. Get out immediately if you feel tired or drowsy. The practice of SPA is not without consequences for health depending on the individual. We encourage users to be cautious and to ask their
doctor about this practice. During pregnancy, the use of APS can be harmful to the foetus. If you have health concerns (cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, etc.), seek advice before using SPA. In case of skin lesions, avoid using the SPA.
6- Hygiene rules to be respected :
• Shower beforehand with soapy water, long hair tied back.
• Decent bathing attire is required and a correct attitude is a must. Only swimming costumes are allowed for men and boys. All other clothing is forbidden (t-shirts, boxer shorts, Bermuda shorts and any other garment that resembles shorts).
• Sun creams and oils are strictly forbidden in the SPA.


1- The Domaine Jean Got Sauna is designed for a maximum of 1 to 2 people.
2- As the programming is done by the owners of the premises, it is forbidden to touch the cabin’s settings.
3- Take off your glasses or contact lenses and remove your jewellery (which could be burnt by the heat).
4- The sauna session is done in two stages: after a first session of 5 to 10 minutes you will leave the sauna to relax and take a fresh shower or bath (2 to 3 minutes), then you will proceed to the second session for 10 to 15 minutes, staying in the sauna only if you feel well and take a fresh shower or bath (2 to 3 minutes). Breathe through your mouth, as breathing through your nose can burn your mucous membranes.
5- When you go out, you should drink a lot of water and especially no alcohol!
WARNING The vasodilatation of the vessels due to the heat triggers a rapid acceleration of the heartbeat and is dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease (leave the sauna immediately if you start to feel unwell).
6- Hygiene rules to be observed :
• Before entering the sauna, you should shower with warm water and dry yourself.
• For reasons of hygiene, you should place your towel on the wooden benches in the sauna.


1- Remember to wash your body and dry yourself thoroughly.
2- Moisturize your body with the organic Aloe Vera body lotion 100% natural ingredients and drink a lot of water.
3- Please put your wet towels in the basket at the entrance.
4- In case of damage to the equipment or use of soap in the Spa, the repair of the damage will be charged to the users.