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Whatever your goal, wake up your bodies, resume gently, continue an activity…
For everybody : men and women, beginners or experienced, young or older.
Personalized Coaching in a magnificent setting and a warm atmosphere.

Sport à proximité de Saint-Émilion : Aquagym, cours collectif, individuel au Domaine Jean-Got


Muscle Strengthening – Fitness – In the pool – Stretching

Do sports for…

To feel better

Sport’s effects on mental health are well established. It is through the release of endorphins during physical activity that sport helps to combat stress, while causing an intense feeling of well-being and pleasure. Comparable to the effects of opiates, the effects of endorphins are felt after about twenty minutes of activity and can continue to act almost 45 minutes after the workout.

Stay fit

Sport is particularly beneficial for health and fitness, greatly improving a person’s quality of life. Indeed, sport helps strengthen the heart and blood vessels, allows better pulmonary ventilation, decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes and helps preserve bones and joints. Likewise, sport is the best way to maintain good muscle mass for a healthy and fit body.

Lose weight

While it is true that sport alone is rarely enough to lose weight permanently, the combination of a balanced diet and regular physical activity is essential for lasting slimming and a more toned body. And even if you don’t want to lose weight, sports can help you keep your weight in good shape while making you happy.

Playing sports with…

Sebastien Frere : Coach sportif au Domaine Jean-Got

Sébastien Frère

our sports coach from Domaine Jean-Got :

Sébastien was born in the 70’s.
He is a young Chinese Medicine student, Sports Coach – Physical Trainer oriented towards recovery.

Sport has always been my essence. My journey is dotted with meetings synonymous with stages, new goals that will have given me a lot of fulfillment and serenity. Today, I use physical activity in all its forms but with the sole objective of your well-being.

The sessions

Pool sessions

Your body is opposed to the resistance of water, so you have to put in more effort to get around. You exercise all of your muscles without even realizing it. You work on your cardiovascular system and you gain endurance. Your body, almost weightless in water, is freed from accumulated tension and stress. Practicing in water strengthens the back and more particularly the lumbar region, while protecting your joints from impact on the ground. It is therefore a perfect activity for people prone to tendonitis and / or during rehabilitation. The draining action of water has beneficial effects on your blood circulation because it promotes the pumping of blood to the heart. You will be able to reduce the sensations of heavy legs and fight against cellulite and the ``orange peel`` effect. The advantage is that you do not see the time passing by. The exercises are linked to the rhythm of the music, Impossible to get bored !

Collective sessions (muscle building, cardio & stretching)

To build muscle, gain strength and flexibility, in order to regain harmony and balance in your body. You will improve your overall physical condition by burning calories and losing weight. You will gain strength, endurance and endurance, which will sculpt your body and reshape your figure. These sessions allow a toning of the whole body and a complete work on your posture, which is thus rebalanced.

Individualized sessions for tailor-made follow-up, according to your objectives, needs, desires and motivations.

Water aerobics

25 € / 30 min per person

Other sports

25 € / 30 min per person

Other sports

50 € / 1 h per person

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